HEY, MISTER: Come Hell or Highwater Pants


NAMED to the A.V. Club List of BEST Graphic Novels of 2014!

Hey, Mister is bleakly, existentially funny in the most dissipated deadpan manner possible. Imagine The Iceman Cometh directed by Terry Zwigoff, and you might come close. There’s nothing flashy or experimental in Sickman-Garner’s technique. He’s an indie cartoonist of the old school, with a keen understanding of the fact that the funniest drawings are often the ugliest. If you like ugly, there’s lots of ugly here. And why wouldn’t you want ugly? Ugly is hilarious. “

Satan is sad as hell and can't take it anymore so what does he do? He abandons his post and strikes out for a better life in a better world. But pity the poor immigrant. Fitting in is hard, even with a shiftless lowlife like like his old pal Mister. Meanwhile, across town, Jesus is suffering trials of his own. Two-thousand years removed from his big finish, and he's stuck wondering what to do next. Their paths cross–everything that rises must converge–and Jesus can't resist the ultimate redemption story: Save Satan's soul. The whole Hey, Mister crew joins in the fun of the ultimate road trip to hell but someone else is watching and he's not pleased. With the forces of the cosmos in flux, and Mister, Young Tim and Aunt Mary at the center of the storm, who will come along to put everything its place?